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Are You Blooming In Unexpected Places?

Life often brings twists and turns leading us to unexpected change. Perhaps some of the hardest changes are the ones impacting our careers. Being told our job duties are changing with mandatory requirements of learning a new way can leave us feeling out of control. Being told our job duties are expanding without pay can feel unfair. Being told your boss whom you respected was fired may leave you feeling a loss.  Perhaps the worst change is being told your services are no longer needed. We enjoy feeling success in our careers, and unexpected change that is perceived to interrupt success is hard.  However, do we also consider the blessings that may be waiting in the change?

As I was walking around our yard a few weeks ago inspecting plants we had recently added, I noticed a weed blooming in some bricks.  My first instinct was to grab the weed killer and destroy the weed, but I stopped and suddenly realized there was a message needing my attention. An unexpected planting had occurred and a healthy bloom was present. I initially wanted to destroy it because it was not my idea, my design or in my overall landscape plan.  As I thought a little more about this, I thought of how my career had often brought several unexpected changes, and how I had a choice to make each time.  I could embrace the change and grow and bloom where I was unexpectedly planted, or I could resist the change and begin to wither away. Honestly, I withered a great deal with the first unexpected career change before I began to embrace the required changes being asked of me.  More unexpected changes came through the years, and I found the quicker I embraced and accepted the job changes in my l life, the sooner I would know the blessings that were waiting. Eventually I began to trust that a bigger plan was in place for me, and I needed to be intentional about embracing change as it occurred.  As my resistance lowered,  I developed many unexpected friendships and professional relationships and unexpected job opportunities entered into my life.

As I glanced at the blooming weed a final time,  I resisted the desire to introduce it to my weed killer.  After all, the unexpected planting reminded me of the importance to bloom the next time I was planted in an unexpected place.

Are you blooming in your unexpected circumstance?

Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord (Jeremiah 17:7)


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