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A Surge & A Purge

I recently found myself facing a surge of negative emotions when my day seemed to be going in every direction except the direction I desired. Anger, frustration, disappointment, and sadness all began to pile up through a multitude of circumstances very quickly. As the emotions continued to expand inside of me, I found myself wanting to purge everything I was feeling all at once. I just wanted to talk it out and walk it out with someone and process through everything I was feeling. The problem I faced was my trusted listener wouldn't be available for several more hours.

Have you ever found yourself feeling a surge of negative emotion that begins to capture your thoughts and you try your best to hang on until you can purge your feelings with someone you trust? Waiting for someone can feel like an eternity! Why do we wait when we have someone to talk to 24/7? Psalm 145:18 tells us the Lord is near to all who call on him. Our Father knows every detail of our lives, and He wants us to call on Him right away when we need to talk. Once I realized the unavailability of a person served as a reminder of an always available God, I was able to purge through prayer to the one who holds every perfect answer. An emotional surge is an opportunity for a prayerful purge! Don't delay, talk with God today.

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