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Bridge the Gap Solutions

6 Week In-Home Recovery Certificate Program

If you would like assistance with recovering from emotional trauma, addictions, depression, or anxiety, we can help.
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What We Do

In-Home Recovery

We offer a self-paced, online certificate program with faith-based coaching sessions scheduled at your convenience.
Coaches offer guidance through the 6 steps and create
individualized plans to promote peaceful living.  To learn more, please click: 


If you would like to purchase the 6 Steps to Abundant Peace: Live Well book, please click: 

Coaching Sessions

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a faith-based coach, please click:

Equipping Churches

If you would like to schedule a training seminar to equip a team in your church, please click:

We are on a mission to help others

find the peaceful life God desires for His children.


Jeff Y.

If you do the work and stay true to these principles you can find freedom from the issues you are facing!! What an amazing book written by an amazing woman of God!!! I will be giving this book away to my friends and family!!


FANTASTIC book for anyone struggling with something in their life that wants answers to finding peace in their life! Definitely a book I will always recommend to anyone going through tough times. I hope yall enjoy it as much as I did! God definitely guided this woman when she was writing this!


Guilt and shame keep us from experiencing the inner joy and peace God wants for us.  This book is a simple outline to guide you through the harmful emotions we often hang on to forever.  Great information in this book that I can take with me always.


Couldn't be happier!  The author covers each topic by laying out the facts, explaining the how and why, and then does  coach time.  SUPER GOOD program and book!  I wish I would have found this sooner!

 Dr. Bryan has identified the factors that steal one's peace and provides scripture based advice to resist the lure of those factors.  The process outlined allows for self-reflection and facilitates a closer relationship with God  and regaining peace that passes all understanding.  I highly recommend!

Great book to help us turn back to God during the struggles we may face.  Chapters are easy to read and love the discussion questions at the end of each chapter.  Helps you sum up key points and allows you to discuss your own thoughts!

Dr. Dianne Harris


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